British Columbia Announces Ban On Gas Vehicles By 2040


British Columbia this week passed the most aggressive legislation around zero-emission vehicles in all of North America, but will they be able to achieve it?

The new law called the Zero-Emission Vehicles Act states that all vehicles sold in the province of British Columbia need to be Zero-Emission by 2040. This means all gas-powered cars will not be allowed for sale after that time.

BC is defining zero-emission vehicles as battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

To ease the province into this legislation, they have decided that by 2025 10% of all new vehicles sold in BC need to be Zero-Emission with the hope the continually increase that percentage until 2040.

It's a pretty lofty goal overall and sets BC out as a leader in the move towards zero-emission vehicles in all of North America. The big question is, will they indeed be able to cut off the sale of Gas vehicles in 2040. Many other areas of the world have begun passing similar laws, but until that date arrives, it seems hard to imagine a world where gas-powered vehicles are no longer sold.

I’m excited for the transition to more all-electric vehicles, but I have a tough time imagining all gas vehicles being banned, but with 20 years to go who knows. Back in the year 2000 the idea of a mass market all-electric vehicle seemed like a long shot, but now in 2019 we see not only Tesla but many of the largest automakers in the world finally taking electric seriously let's hope that interest continues for years to come.

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