Boeing's New Flying Taxi Takes Its First Small


Boeing's new flying taxi took its first small flight towards a future possibly straight out of the Jetsons.

Aurora Flight Sciences, a subsidiary of Boeing, announced today that they had recently conduction the first test flight of their all-electric, self-flying passengers air vehicle.

The vehicle took off vertically, hovered for a short period of time, then landed back on the ground safe and sound. In the future, the vehicle will test its forward wing born flight. And after that a combination of the two. Taking off vertically, then transitioning to flying horizontally, then back to hovering and landing.

Boeing is just one of many companies working on this flying taxi design for companies like Uber who hope to have a fleet of flying taxis in the sky by 2023.

One of the biggest hurdles companies like Aurora will have to overcome will be the limited power available through batteries on board the aircraft. Flying such a large vehicle and making it hover in the air requires lots of energy for the onboard electric motors and many estimate batteries will not truly be ready for this task for decades.

Aurora hopes to have a range of 50 miles (80.47 kilometres) for their flying taxi, but no official launch date has been announced.

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