Backblaze Announces Small Pricing Increase


Backblaze today announced their first price increase in over ten years, but don't worry it's not going to hurt your wallet.

New Pricing:

  • Monthly = $6
  • Yearly = $60
  • 2 Years = $110

Backblaze is citing rising storage costs and increased development as the reason for the pricing increase. Since they initially launched back in 2008, Backblaze has stored petabytes of data on their service.

This pricing change will ensure Backblaze can keep their current systems running and grown into the future. It also ensures their unlimited cloud backup continues to be truly unlimited.

If your a current Backblaze customer you can lock in your current pricing for an additional year for just $50 per computer. Otherwise, all new and existing customers will begin seeing the pricing change right away.

Source: Backblaze Blog

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