Apple's Rumoured Video Streaming Service Could Arrive Very Soon


Apples long rumoured video streaming service might be announced sooner than many predicted.

According to a report from The Information, Apple has told many studios and networks whose content will be showcased inside this new service to be ready for launch by mid-April.

Some of these partners could include the independent film company A24, and the Ophra Winfrey Network who Apple has signed a multi-year deal with.

April is already on track to be a busy month for streaming services to be announced as it leaked Disney is planning on releasing Disney+ on April 11th.

I feel like this information along with a large amount of information surrounding the upcoming iPad Mini & iPod Touch leaks points to a large Apple event happening in early to mid-April where the company will show off the new devices, along with this new streaming video service, which may officially launch May 1st.

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