Apple's Credit Card Could Come To Canada


Yesterday Apple announced a brand new type of product for the company, a Credit Card. On stage, Apple announced they were working with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard to launch the credit card in the United States. Now a day after the event Goldman Sachs is talking about international expansion.

A representative for Goldman Sachs stated its "exploring international opportunities" to launch Apple Card outside the US in the future.

“With that product (Apple Card) we are going to start in the U.S., but over time, absolutely, we will be thinking of international opportunities for it,” Richard Gnodde, CEO Goldman Sachs International, told CNBC’s Elizabeth Schulze Tuesday.

Naturally, this makes sense; once the product is launched and running correctly in the US, it's only logical to attempt to expand the product outside the US to other countries. Especially since the Apple Card will already work internationally at launch.

Apple Card is a credit card designed to live in your iPhone, but Apple also recognizes that certain businesses still don't accept Apple Pay for payment, so they have developed a physical card. The physical Apple Card is a solid piece of titanium with your name, and the Apple Logo etched into the front. There are no numbers, no expirations dates. Its the cleanest and most stunning credit card I have ever seen. That could also sway some people into signing up for the service.

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