Apple Working On New 16-inch MacBook Pro and New 32-inch 6K Monitor


A new report from famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states that Apple may be working on a new larger version of the MacBook Pro with a 16.5-inch display, and possibly a new external monitor with a 6K display.

The new 16inch MacBook Pro would be the largest laptop Apple has produced since they discontinued the 17inch MacBook Pro back in 2012.

Along with the larger display MacBook Pro, the smaller 13 inch could get an upgrade on the inside with the option of adding up to 32GB of ram. Currently, only the 15inch MacBook Pro supports 32GB of ram.

Ming-Chi Kuo also stated that to go along with the upcoming Mac Pro, Apple could be working on releasing a new 31.6-inch external monitor that would feature a 6K display. The new screen would also use a new technology of Mini LED like backlights. Apple previously made the Thunderbolt external display, but discontinued them in 2016 and has since not created a first party display for those looking for one.

These two rumours seem to point to Apple focusing on their pro customers this year with the new Mac Pro, larger MacBook Pro, and new Pro display. These products are something Pro users have wanted for some time and its a great sign that Apple is dedicating time to this part of their customer base.

Source: MacRumors

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