Apple Will Now Repair iPhones With Third-party Batteries


If you've got your iPhone battery replaced in the past with a third-party version your now eligible to get your battery replaced from the Apple store or Apple authorized service provider.

According to a new internal document obtained by MacRumors are now able to replace your third-party battery with a new Apple one if your willing to pay the price.

Before this change, Apple’s policy had stated that customers were ineligible to receive any repair service if their phones were previously repaired with any non-original third-party components.

With this change, you can now only pay to get a new battery but also get any other internal components fixed like the microphones, logic board, or even the display.

Popular iFixit iPhone battery replacement kit

Popular iFixit iPhone battery replacement kit

The document also outlines that if there are issues when replacing the battery like the battery tabs have been pulled off or missing, or maybe too much battery adhesive has been applied to the third party battery making it hard to be removed Apple could replace the entire device for the cost of the battery replacement. This is an excellent move by Apple and ensures that if you try to replace the battery yourself and have issues, you can still get it repaired from Apple.

This is the latest third-party component that Apple has started accepting since the addition of third-party display back in 2017.

It still needs to be noted that Apple does charge a high fee for the battery replacement and many third-party companies like iFixit sell a battery replacement kit for around $29. But if you end up trying that and it doesn't go right, you can still bring your phone into Apple to get fixed.

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