Apple Watch Sleep Tracking Coming Soon


The Apple Watch could soon add the ability to track your sleep; the only issue could be the battery life.

A new report from Bloomberg states that Apple is currently testing a form of sleep tracking with the Apple Watch and a future version of the device may enable the functionality.

Currently, there are many third-party apps which allow you to track your sleep, but they all suffer from the same issue on the Apple Watch, the battery life. Ever since it was first announced battery life on the Apple Watch has never been amazing. The device tends to get a day of use, and that's all. The most recent version, series 4, can get around a day and a half. This would potentially allow you to wear it all day, then while sleeping to track your sleep but you would have to charge it in the morning for sure.

It would make more sense for Apple to enable this new feature on the upcoming Series 5 or 6 watches which could include additional battery power, and maybe a faster charging system allowing you to wear it all night, and then fully charge it in a matter of minutes while in the shower.

Another way for Apple to tackle this battery issue could be with a new lower power mode while you sleep. The Watch could shut off many features like the display, wifi, Bluetooth to help save power. This may allow older models to make it through the night on a single charge.

We will have to wait and see what Apple announces this fall with the Series 5 and watchOS 6.

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