Apple Watch Saves Another Life


The Apple Watch has saved yet another life as the devices fall detection activated and saved a 67-year-old mans life.

Toralv Østvang was found Bloody and unconscious on his bathroom floor by emergency authorities after he had fallen and became unconscious. The Apple Watch then contacted authorities about the incident and provided GPS information for first responders.

“It could have gone so much worse. All morning we asked, ‘What had happened if he hadn’t worn a smart watch?’ He didn’t bring his mobile phone in the bathroom. It’s amazing that he got such quick help from the alarm, until the police found him. It was a serious fall, perhaps it saved his life.” - Daughter

In the most recent update to the Apple Watch, Apple added fall detection allowing the watch to monitor the wearer and if they fall and are unresponsive for 1 minute the watch will automatically enable SOS mode which contacts the authorities and provides GPS information but can also notify people you set up within the health app.

It's an easily overlooked feature of the new Apple Watch, and one you hope never to have to use, but there is some piece of mind knowing that the Apple Watch always has your back, and if something terrible goes wrong it can call 911 for you.

Source: NRK

Quick Tip

Here is a quick tip to set up this feature on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

  1. Open the Watch App
  2. Scroll Down To "Emergency SOS"
  3. Here you can edit your emergency contacts; these are the people the Apple Watch or iPhone will notify along with the authorities if you have problems.
  4. Turn on "Hold Side Button"
  5. Turn on "Fall Detection"
  6. Your all set, and now your iPhone and Apple Watch can help save you in an emergency.

It's also a good idea to keep your Medical ID up to date on your iPhone; this can be accessed in the Health App.

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