Apple Watch ECG Could Launch Soon In Canada

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Apple may be preparing to launch the much anticipated ECG Apple Watch feature in Canada after over six months of it being available in the United States.

Originally shown off at the announcement with the Apple Watch Series 4, the new Electrocardiogram feature allows the Apple Watch to detect irregular heartbeats which would point to serious health issues. This feature was highly regarded as the most significant feature of this year's new watch and has already proved to be a feature which has saved peoples lives.

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The ECG feature launched in the US back in December, and recently also was launched in several European countries along with Hong Kong. Could Canada be the next country to get this life-saving feature?

Two new licences have recently appeared on the Health Canada website. One for the ECG application, and another for the irregular rhythm notification feature which is used on the Apple Watch. With these licenses being approved, it seems only logical that Apple would release the ECG feature for Apple Watch series 4 devices in Canada very soon.

Apple has made no official announcement regarding this feature coming to Canada; for now, all us Canadians can do is wait and see.

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