Apple Video To Feature HBO, Showtime, & Starz Content At Launch


We are only a few weeks away from Apple's big event happening at the Steve Job Theatre where Apple is expected to announce its new video streaming service. One thing the company is still working on though is securing content from other partners to be inside the service.

According to a new report out today from Bloomberg Apple is in the process of finalizing deals with HBO, Showtime, & Starz to have content from those platforms available within Apple Video on launch day.

One thing not covered in the Bloomberg report is how this deal would work in Canada, where those services are currently only available through Bell Media's Crave streaming service. In 2015 Bell secured the streaming rights to HBO and Showtime in all of Canada making their Crave service the only place to stream HBO and Showtime content. Starting on March 1st Crave also added Starz to that list.

Its possible Apple could work out a broader deal with the three companies and break that exclusivity in Canada, but it seems unlikely at this time. It would make more sense for Apple to launch their new video service in the US only at this time until they can either add HBO, Showtime, & Starz or possibly build up a catalogue of new original programming to make it worth the monthly cost in Canada.

We will be sure to keep you up to date on all the latest Apple Video news happening in the coming weeks. Don't forget you can read all our Apple Video coverage using our Apple Video Storystream

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