Apple Video Could Launch Without Netflix or HBO Support


More news surrounding Apples upcoming video streaming service has come out today. A new report from CNBC states that Apple is attempting to get other streaming services to becoming part of their future app, but two of the largest services have yet to sign on.

It appears Netflix and HBO are holding out and refusing the join Apples upcoming app that would not only showcase the Apple original content but content from other streaming services all in one place.

This sounds very similar to Apple's original idea behind the TV app currently available on iOS and the Apple TV where content from iTunes and content from participating streaming services is all shown in one central location.

Apple appears to be trying this same strategy again to create a single location where a user can go to access all their video streaming needs. Currently, Apple has signed on Starz, CBS, & Viacom but Netflix and HBO have yet to sign on.

One of the main reasons Netflix and HBO may be holding out is Apple wants to take a 30% cut of user fees when they sign up using this new TV app instead of signing up with the original app or service outside the App Store.

This is a similar reason why Netflix just last year removed the ability for users to sign up for the service on their iOS device. Users now have to sign up through the browser on the Netflix website. This way Netflix doesn't have to share any profits with Apple.

Apple is rumoured to be holding a media event on March 25th where they will be announcing a new streaming service, with a rumoured launch date in April or early May. So we will have to wait and see what Apple has in store.

Source: CNBC

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