Apple To Launch New iPad Mini 5


Were starting 2019 strong with another Apple Rumor, but this one surrounds the iPad Mini as it appears Apple is getting ready to launch an updated version of their smallest tablet.

The current generation iPad Mini hasn't been updated since 2015 when it was announced. There was a slight spec bump back in 2017 to include a new 128gb version, but that's been all.

Now its expected Apple will announce a new iPad Mini and regular 9.7 inch iPad at a new event possibly in March.

New case leaks featured on slashleaks show the new case designs for the iPad Mini which will include four speakers, a headphone jack and possibly the smart connector port on the side of the iPad mini meaning Apple could be considering building a smart keyboard for the small iPad.

Its been so long since Apple did anything with the iPad Mini that it may just be wishful thinking to assume the company would update the product. Thought it should be noted that Apple did include the Mini in a slide last fall to announce the new iPad Pros, so it appears the product is still in the mind of the company overall.

Curtis Paradisapple, ipad