Apple Shuts Down All Facebook Developer Apps, Including Their Lunch Menu App


Following the news that Facebook was paying teens $20 a month to track everything on their smartphones, Apple has disabled all Facebook developer apps and its causing chaos for the company.

Apple quickly responded this morning to the astonishing report of tracking and misuse of their enterprise program by disabling all Facebook developer apps and internal apps. Not only did this disable the highly controversial "Research" app but also beta versions of upcoming Facebook, Instagram, and messenger apps. As a funny side effect, it also appears to have affected multiple internal apps facebook employees use day to day. Apps like a lunch menu app and transportation app are no longer working.

This is a big blow to Facebook, and the company is treating it as a major internal issue. Apple though has full right to disable the developer certificate for Facebook as the company is in clear violation of the agreement with Apple.

Apple has been critical of Facebook in the past year as Apple took a stand against Facebook over the Cambridge Analytica data sharing scandal which saw Facebook sharing immense amounts of user data with outside third party's.

Source: TechCrunch

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