Apple Shares New Behind The Scenes iPad Pro Video


Apple has shared another video as part of their "With an iPad Pro" video campaign showing off what real work you can do on the iPad Pro and now we get a behind the scenes look at how it was all done.

This new video gives us a behind the scenes look at how the iPads were used during production of those ad spots and details as to what apps were also used.

The team behind the videos used procreate and notability to plan out and design the videos. Filmic pro was used for shooting video on the iPads, then LumaFusion was used for editing. Keynote and Core Animator were used for any animation components that were needed in the video, and to top it all off they used GarageBand to compose an original background audio track.

This video goes to show that it is indeed possible to do everything you see in those earlier ads right on the iPad Pro and it's a great testament to how useful the iPad is becoming.

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