Apple Rumoured To Release 3 New iPhone Models This Year


According to The Wall Street Journal this year Apple could release three new iPhone models, an updated XR, XS & XS Max.

The highest end iPhone XS Max will reportedly feature the rumoured triple rear camera array which we saw leak from @OnLeaks on Twitter.

The iPhone XR could be upgraded from a single rear camera to a dual rear camera.

One rather exciting note from this report is Apple may be dropping 3D Touch from their entire iPhone lineup this year. Instead opting for the iPhone XR style Haptic Touch which simulated the 3D Touch results on the phone when a user holds their finger on the display for an extended period of time.

Looking into the future, it also appears Apple has plans to move their entire iPhone lineup to OLED displays in 2020.

It's still early for the iPhone rumours to ramp up this year, but already we're seeing some rather interesting changes being talked about for the 2019 lineup. Overall it will be interesting to see if this year's lineup can help Apple overcome the slowing iPhone demand we saw this last quarter.

2019 iPhone Rumours