Apple Retail Chief Angela Ahrendts Is Leaving The Company


Some big news coming this afternoon from Apple, as their retail chief Angela Ahrendts has announced she is leaving the company in April.

Ahrendts joined Apple in the spring of 2014, coming from the CEO position at Burberry. Around the same time Apple was working on the Apple Watch, and through its first generation was marketed as a fashion accessory. That marketing push eventually made way for a more activity themed device.

Ahrendts also oversaw significant changes to the way Apple stores around the world functioned and looked. Ushering in a whole new design language for the Apple stores, replacing stark stainless steel with wood, and even trees, creating beautiful places to sit and relax with friends, also starting new activities like the "Today at Apple" events to bring new people into the store, not just to buy products, but to experience the store as a sort of community location.

Deirdre O’Brien

Deirdre O’Brien

Angela Ahrendts will be replaced by Apples current HR leader Deirdre O'Brien who has been with the company for over three decades and will also keep her position as the HR leader.

Ahrendts is leaving Apple for new "personal and professional pursuits.

Source: Apple

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