Apple Receives Backlash For New Shot On iPhone Contest


After increased customer backlash Apple has changed its mind and will now be paying photographers to use their images in the upcoming "Shot on iPhone" ad campaign.

Initially announced earlier this week, Apple allowed iPhone users across the world to submit their photos with the chance that Apple would use them on a large scale marketing campaign with photos appearing on billboards, Apple stores, and online.

After this campaign was announced, some photographers noted that this was a bad move by Apple. The company worth around 1 Trillion Dollars could be bothered to pay to use photos in its million dollar ad campaigns.

In a recent message from Apple to The Verge, Apple said they would be changing this, and any photos they used would be licensed to the company, and the photographers would be paid for the pictures.

Apple believes strongly that artists should be compensated for their work. Photographers who shoot the final 10 winning photos will receive a licensing fee for the use of such photos on billboards and other Apple marketing channels. - Updated Apple Press Release

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