Apple Patents MacBook With Touchscreen Keyboard


A new patent application suggests Apple is exploring the idea of switching out the traditional keyboard on their laptops for a large touchscreen.

The application filed with the United States patent and trademark office shows off a large touch screen in place of the keyboard on the MacBook line, with the addition of pressure sensors and haptic feedback to make it feel more like a traditional keyboard while you type.

This isn't the first time Apple has patented a system similar to this. Back in February 2018, Apple filed a very similar patent showing off a large touch screen instead of a keyboard on the MacBook line.


Now before you get your hopes up I don't expect Apple to announce this new type of laptop anytime soon, but its a fascinating look at what Apple is researching inside the secret R&D labs.

I think its an interesting concept for sure, and we've already seen some windows laptops with similar tech, but I can't get over the idea of typing on a piece of glass instead of keys. Its fine for a short period of time, but even on my iPad Pro I prefer to type using the Smart Keyboard, or an external Bluetooth keyboard attached for a better tactile response.

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