Apple patent describes Face ID and Touch ID on same iPhone.


A new patent from Apple appears to show the company thinking about implementing Touch ID along with Face ID on a future iPhone.

Spotted by Patently Apple the patent shows off a way where the iPhone would attempt to use Face ID first, but if there were an issue, it would show an alert allowing the user to use Touch ID or passcode instead.

Currently, the user only can enter a passcode to unlock their device since iPhones only ship with Touch ID, or Face ID, not both.

This patent also goes on to show that Face ID could be built into future versions of the Apple Watch.

My Take

At this time I wouldn't look into this patent too much. Apple tends to patent many things but doesn't necessarily use all the patents on products. They want to make sure they are covered in the future in case they want to use the feature.

I can't see Apple implementing Touch ID on a device which also features Face ID after they went to all the trouble of showcasing how much more secure Face ID is over Touch ID.

Curtis Paradisapple, iphone