Apple News Subscription Service Could Launch In 2019


According to a new report from Bloomberg Apple could be getting ready to launch their new news and magazine subscription service which ex expected to be built into the Apple News app.

Back in March or 2018 Apple bought the magazine subscription service Texture. At the time Texture had over 200,000 subscribers paying $10 per month for access to the service.

Apple is now looking at a way to bring a better news experience to their devices by approaching publishers to join up for this new service, but according to the Bloomberg report, things aren't going so well.


Publishers are currently concerned by the amount of money they will make from the service vs running their system on their website. In the past Texture would pay publishers based on the number of time users spent browsing and reading the publishers content. It's unclear if Apple would keep a similar system or could try and strike up a better deal for publishers.

The other worry for publishers is that users will opt to only pay for Apple’s service instead of their site, and thus publishers will make less money per user.

From a user perspective though this new service could be an excellent option for those interested in reading content currently trapped behind paywalls.

Only time will tell what Apple does with this service and when it will be launched. There is also the issue with Apple News only being available in select markets around the world. It would be great for Apple to bring Apple News to Canada someday.