Apple News+ Publishers Not Happy


It's been a little less than a month since Apple announced their new Apple News+ service to the world, and already some publishers are not happy with the service.

According to a new report from Digiday publishers are experiencing headaches attempting to properly format news content for the service. They are also experiencing issues communicating with Apple directly.

When it comes to formatting news for the new service, initially Apple had told publishers that they would be providing design resources and article templates for publishers to use to make it easier. This promise appears to be only partly true. Publishers are getting access to some templates, but it seems Apple has tasked a third-party company to create the templates.

Apple has also refrained from actually providing article or content templates to publishers. While it has worked directly with publishers that decided to build their own templates for Apple News+, it has largely outsourced that the problem of article templates to several vendors, each of which leaves something to be desired, participating publisher sources say.


When it comes to communication with Apple, this also appears to be an issue as all publishers how signed onto being apart of Apple News+ were given access to an email which allowed them access to Apple Staff. It appears though this isn't the only way some publishers are talking to the Apple News team. A select few larger publishers have been granted access to a private Slack channel allowing the publishers and Apple News staff to work together far easier. This is causing those publishers who are left out to become frustrated.

It's surprising that only a month in and there are already issues with this new service. Not only are publishers having problems, but so are individuals subscribing to the service complaining of its lack of polish, and certain features.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Apple News+ in the future. The big question is can Apple keep publishers happy because without the publishers Apple News+ could be a big failure.

Source: 9to5mac

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