Apple May Soon Add A Camera To The Apple Watch


New patent filings show Apple is still playing around with the idea of adding a camera onto the Apple Watch, but this time it's not necessarily on the watch itself but the watch band.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently granted Apple this new patent which describes an Apple Watch with a camera or optical sensor attached.

The images included in the patent appear to show the camera being part of the band which would allow the user to quickly move it around and change the shot without moving their wrist all over the place.


The watch band would be made of a new flexible material allowing the lens to be pointed in multiple directions along with being positioned above the display looking back at the wearer, making it perfect for FaceTime calls.

Beyond FaceTime calls its also possible Apple could include a full-on camera app on the watch, allowing you to snap pictures right from your watch.

I'm not sure how users would respond to this feature on the Apple Watch. I find myself hardly ever using the cameras on the iPad, and the Apple Watch seems to fall into a similar category for me. Would it be nice to have? Sure, but not something I need. I think it would lead to more privacy violations than anything. With such a small camera being worn on a users wrist, it makes it very easy to snap pictures of people in washrooms or change rooms.

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