Apple Maps Car Spotted In Canada


More Apple Maps cars are being spotted in Canada as Apple works to gather more mapping data without the country along with new imagery for their upcoming “Look Around” feature which is coming to Maps in iOS 13.

Apple announced back in May that they planned to work on driving across Canada this summer in an attempt to improve Apple Maps in the country. Along with driving many roads and gathering data, the company is also capturing images for a feature called “Look Around.”

Look Around is similar to Googles Street View, which allows you to pick a location within Apple Maps and see the world as if you were standing in that location. This is often useful when trying to find a business or home you have never visited before. You can quickly familiarize yourself with the exterior look before heading to the destination.


The only issue with this is Look Around requires Apple to drive cars with large camera arrays on their roofs around the country to capture this data. Along with travelling around Canada, Apple is working on travelling around the USA and other countries around the world.

Currently, people online have spotted the Apple Maps cars in Toronto and Vancouver, but now they are also in Victoria BC. It’s unclear how Apple is deciding the path for these cars. Could they be focusing on the significant areas of the country first? Or are they merely working from each end of Canada into the middle?

This will all become more clear this fall with the release of iOS 13, where Apple will release their new updated maps along with Look Around to the public for the first time. Currently within iOS 13 Beta, Look Around is only available in California.

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