Apple Is Planning To Kill iTunes


2019 could finally be the year iTunes dies.

More rumours are surfacing that in the next version of macOS Apple is planning on ripping apart iTunes into three new separate applications.

Apple has already announced they are bringing the Apple TV app to the mac, but along with it could be a new Apple Music app and an Apple Podcasts app.

These new apps would replace the need for iTunes on the Mac and could be another step for Apple to better unite iOS and macOS into a single operating system and experience for users.

These applications are expected to be Marzipan versions of the iOS apps. This means they are built on similar code to iOS but can run on the Mac. Apple shipped its first Marzipan apps last year with the Apple News, Stocks, and Home apps for the Mac.

Overall, I'm happy to see Apple finally breaking up iTunes. Its something users have been asking for, for years and its about time. Even if the mac app was just a version of the iPad music app on the Mac, I would be happy.

Source: 9to5mac

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