Apple Hires Designer Andrew Kim Away From Tesla


Apple may not be willing to confirm they're working on a self-driving car, but as they continue acquiring talent from other car companies, it's becoming more clear what they are doing behind the scenes.

It's been an ongoing rumour for many years that Apple has been working on their electric car, codenamed project Titan and now it appears they have acquired some key talent away from Tesla to help on the project.

Andrew Kim has announced he recently left Tesla in December and started working at Apple according to his Linkedin profile and a post on his instagram.

While working at Tesla Kim helped by working on the interior design for the model 3, S, X, Y, Roadster 2 and the new Tesla Semi.

Apple also recently acquired Doug Field from Tesla. Field has a previous history working with Apple but left as the VP of Mac hardware to become Tesla chief vehicle engineer years ago.

Still very little is known about Apple's project Titan. Back in 2016, it was rumoured Apple had stopped development of a physical car and was switching to developing only the technology which would power the vehicles, with the hope of licensing this technology to car makers.

This strategy may not have played out well for Apple as these two recent hires point to physical hardware design still happening within the company.

It's no secret Apple is currently working on the next big thing for the company, but it will have to be seen if an electric car will be just that.

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