Apple Expands limited time offer to iPhone XS


It was only a few days ago that we reported Apple had launched a new sales push for the iPhone XR. On December 2nd Apple started to feature a limited time offer on the home page of their US site. Now, one week later, the company has added a second limited time offer for the iPhone XS.

This is highly unusual for Apple as the company has never featured a sale like this on their homepage. The main culprit for this change in marketing for Apple could be the declining sales of this years iPhones.

iPhone XR On Display At Apple Store

iPhone XR On Display At Apple Store

With higher prices and less impressive changes to the iPhone, this past year customers may be putting off buying a new phone for longer than before. Instead of buying a new phone each year or two, iPhone users may be switching to a two to 3-year upgrade cycle resulting in Apples decreasing sales numbers.

The iPhone XR and iPhone XS are advertised for sale at $499, and $699 on the Apple homepage, but keep in mind this price is only available to users who trade in an iPhone 7 Plus or newer.

Curtis Paradis
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