Apple Could Release A Red iPhone XS & XS Max In China


A rumour posted on Weibo states that Apple could be working on launching a new red coloured iPhone XS & XS Max in China by the end of March.

It's unclear if this red iPhone would launch outside of China, though it seems very unlikely Apple would create the devices for a single market.

Apple currently sells a red iPhone XR under their "product Red" marketing which means a portion of the sales price is donated to HIV and AIDS research. In China, though Apple has never called it the product red colour, and this new rumour point to Apple calling it "China Red."

The addition of the new red colour in China could be an effort by Apple to increase sales in the country which has fallen behind Apple’s expectations for sales over the past quarter.

Apple may announce this new colour at their upcoming rumoured even on March 25th, or an update to the online store could happen on the 25th including this new colour option.

Source: iphonehacks

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