Anki's Vector Personal Robot Getting Alexa Support


Anki's cute Vector desktop robot is getting a big update next week with the addition of Alexa integration.

Starting December 17th users of the Vector robot will be able to talk to Amazon's Alexa assistant through the tiny robot. Vector is already able to handle voice questions and tasks thanks to the "Hey Vector" command, but there are some things he's not capable of, this is where Alexa comes in.

Just like any other Alexa enabled device say "Alexa" to Vector and a blue ring will appear on his face display and you can perform almost any Alexa action. This will allow you to issue commands to Alexa connected devices like lights or thermostats. Due to device limitations though you will be unable to play streaming music, call people, or read Kindle or audible content through Vector.

Overall this is an excellent update for the cute little desktop robot, and just in time for the holiday season as I'm sure, many people are looking to pick one of these up this year.

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