Android Q To Include New Feedback App


As part of the upcoming release of Android Q, Google is expected to include a new Feedback App allowing users to report issues or new ideas right on their device.

Twitter user Till Kottmann recently spotted information related to this new app on the Android Beta's "How to provide feedback" page. This new app would allow users to submit bugs and new features right through an app, not the device. The user is also able to report bugs using the new subreddit setup for this and the official bug tracker.

This app is for submitting bugs, feature requests, or other feedback about Android Beta / Developer Preview software only. The app will just be available until the conclusion of the Android Beta Program.

There are three main features within the Feedback App:

Report Issue: You can file bugs directly in Google’s public issue tracker, and easily attach bug report logs. Issues you file are visible to other users, so do not include personal information in your typed comments. Attachments will not be accessible to other users.

Feature Request: You can suggest new Android features or major changes to current design.

Other Feedback: You can share everything else such as general compliments, complaints, or other opinions. This option is only available to Pixel devices.

Google is expected to launch the first Android Q beta in the coming days.

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