Amazon Can Now Delivery Packages Into Your Garage


If your still worried about getting your Amazon packages delivered and left at your front door the new Amazon Key service for your garage could be the perfect solution.

The new service was initially announced by Amazon back in January but its finally being rolled out to users in select cities in the USA. Amazon Key for Garage allows Amazon delivery people to open your garage door and place your packages inside. Once the box is safely in your garage, the door can be closed, and thus your package is safe.

Amazon originally announced their Key service as a way for Amazon employees to open your front door and place packages in your entrance when your not home. This, however, wasn't met with the best response from customers, as the idea of allowing an unknown delivery person into your home isn't the best idea. Now with the addition of the Amazon Key for garage, it could be the perfect solution for some.

If you're interested in the service, you will need to have or buy a myQ-compatible garage door opener made by either Chamberlain or LiftMaster, if the idea of replacing your current garage door opener is out of the question, Amazon is also offering a myQ Smart Garage Hub which can convert your existing garage door opener for just $80. After installing the necessary hardware, and linking it with your Amazon account, you will have the ability to select "In-Garage delivery" at checkout on Amazon.

In the end its an excellent solution for package delivery to residential homes which feature a garage, hopefully, Amazon works to roll this Amazon Key service out to more countries around the world.

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