Alphabet's Health Division Gets FDA Clearance to test EKG smartwatch feature


Google may soon offer a smartwatch with a similar ECG feature as the Apple Watch.

Google's parent company, Alphabets Health division, called Verily (sorry that's complicated) has just received FDA 510(k) clearance for its study for using a smartwatch as an on-demand ECG device.

Currently, the device being used for testing is not a consumer-facing device, but if the study goes well, it's easy to see Google working with Verily to help build this technology into future smartwatches.

This would also follow the ongoing rumours that Google may be working to develop their own Apple Watch competitor called the Pixel Watch.

The EKG feature was a significant improvement with the new Apple Watch Series 4, making it more than just a simple health tracker, and now a device that could actively help you monitor more difficult health symptoms right from your wrist. If Google is thinking about getting into the smartwatch space, keeping up with Apple is for sure something they would want to do.

Source: Verily

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