AirPower Could Launch Soon


New code discovered inside iOS 12.2 beta 6 could point to Apple's much-delayed AirPower being released very soon.

The code discovered by 9to5 Mac shows significant changes to the component responsible for wireless charging. This includes the code responsible for identifying that two devices are charging on the same mat at the same time. This is important because AirPower is designed to work with your iOS devices, and the device with the largest display will show the charging status of all items on the mat.

AirPower was originally announced alongside the iPhone X back in fall of 2017, with an original shipping date before the end of 2017. That date slipped, and then the product was never really heard from again. With the recent announcement of the iPhone XS & XS Max Apple removed all but one reference to AirPower on their website. Many thought this could be the end of the product.

Rumours have since started swirling around that AirPower could launch in the first half of 2019, but no significant leaks seem to back that up. This recent update to the code of iOS to support AirPower appears to show the company is getting ready to launch AirPower soon.

This week (March 18th) we saw Apple announce a new version of the iPad Mini & iPad Air, now Tuesday Apple has announced an update to the iMac lineup. Its rumoured tomorrow (Wednesday) Apple will announce an update to the iPod Touch, so could AirPower be part of this week of announcements.

Possibly Thursday we will see Apple announce an updated version of AirPods which support wireless chi charging. Then Friday Apple could announce AirPower is available for Pre-Order with shipping happening in April. This would give Apple time to release iOS 12.2 to the public and be ready for AirPower to be released.

Its all speculation right now, but its rather interesting all these leaks are happening around the same time. It wouldn't make sense for Apple to update the code in iOS to support AirPower if it was shipping soon.

Hopefully, we see AirPower launch soon; I'm holding out for this Friday.

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