Airpods 2 & AirPower Could Be Released This Spring


A new report states that Apples much delayed AirPower charging mat, and new Airpods 2 could launch as early as this spring.

The new Airpods are rumoured to have better base and overall sound quality compared to the first version. Also included inside their small form factor will be new health tracking sensors. The outside of the Airpods will mostly stay the same with an original finish which will make them easier to hold onto, and they may come in a new Black colour option.

The downside of these new Airpods will be the price. It's rumoured that Apple is considering increasing the cost of Airpods from $219 ($159 USD) to $256 ($200 USD) an increase of around $40 compared to the original models.


Along with the new Airpods, it appears Apple could finally be ready to release AirPower to the world. This new rumour states that AirPower will launch at the same time as these new Airpods, but it may be a little different than originally shown off.

The report states that Apple has had to make the product slightly thicker to incorporate a new 8-7-7 coil configuration inside to accomplish the magical wireless charging originally shown off in 2017.

AirPower will also get a little update this fall when iOS 13 is released which is said to include some exclusive AirPower features.

It's important to note that MySmartPrice doesn't have the greatest of track records when it comes to rumours, but it will be interesting to see if Apple does indeed release Airpods 2 and AirPower this spring. Possibly they could announce these products at the rumoured spring event which will also show off a new iPad mini device and iPod Touch.

Source: MySmartPrice

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