Air Canada App Caught Recording Users Screens & Credit Card Info


Air Canada's app has been caught recording users screens, credit card data, and passport information without user content.

A new report from TechCrunchshows Air Canada along with Hollister and Expedia to name a few have been caught tracking users every tap and swipe within their apps and sending that data to be analyzed. Not only were the companies in question tracking users without their consent but they weren't encrypting or masking the data allowing those on the receiving end to see passport numbers and credit card information.

This comes just weeks after Air Canada reported a massive data breach which exposed 20,000 user profiles to hackers.

Air Canada has refused to comment on the situation at the time of writing this article and its unknown if the company plans on stopping this practice or at least notifying user they are tracking them, along with also removing sensitive information from the tracking system.

For users still interested in using the Air Canada app its best to be aware everything they do in the app is being tracked, and any data entered into the app is being sent back to Air Canada to be analyzed.

Source: TechCrunch

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