Adobe Sending Out Invites To Photoshop For iPad


A select few Creative Cloud Subscribers are receiving an exciting invitation by mail this week as Adobe has been inviting users to sign up for a beta test of their upcoming Photoshop CC for iPad.

Initially announced by Adobe last year, and even demoed live on stage with the new iPad Pro, Photoshop CC is designed to bring all the power of Photoshop for the desktop onto Apples powerful tablet computers.

Adobe has been staying rather tight-lipped about the exact release date for Photoshop CC but continues to say sometime later in 2019.

For those interested in the product, it will be available as part of the monthly Creative Cloud subscription which many users already pay for. There is also a chance Adobe could package Photoshop CC and apps like Lightroom CC into a cheaper monthly subscription for those only interested in the mobile apps.

Photoshop on the iPad has been something many users, myself included, have been wanting for years. It's exciting to know that soon we will be able to edit Photoshop files natively right on the iPad on the go.

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