2019 iPhone To Ship With USB-C Cord


2019 could finally be the year the iPhone gets a USB-C cable, except don't get too excited as the phone itself will still have a lightning port.

According to a new report from Japanese blog Mac Otakara Apple will ship a new USB-C to Lightning cable in the box with this year's phones. Along with the new cable Apple will include an 18W USB-C charger similar to the one shipping with the iPad Pro.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 9.01.38 PM.png

Apple has been promoting the USB-C world ever since the announcement of the 12-inch MacBook. Along with the changes to the MacBook Pro which now only includes USB-C ports this addition of a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box maxes a lot of sense. I'm surprised it took Apple so long to change over to this new cable.

As for changing the iPhones port to be USB-C, I can't see what happened for several years. I feel like Apple would rather remove ports all together instead of adopting USB-C on the iPhone.

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